6 0. D A Y S

T H E. I M P A C T

Holla!! Holla!!!
Okay. What's the excitement about? Whew. 
I've been on this for as long as I can remember.  2014? Not so sure anymore. I started out with 96kg, got to 80.7, got to 70kg and have been struggling with constant weight gain and loss over the years. I got stuck on 75kg for a long time and now I'm 76kg and I'm sure it will keep increasing. 
My offense? I love food a lot and I have access to good food. I spend half my time thinking about food, how to make it, photograph it...I'm a food porn enthusiast! Ever had an orgasm from good food? Lol!!
My motivation? I'm from a close knit family and it hurts to not be able to fit into my siblings' clothes. I also love packing light when I travel and being big with big clothes doesn't help. I also hate being the biggest girl in the room and I'm tired of coming up with clap back remarks to greetings like "Ah! Babe! You are now fat!" (My country people got no chill) #loudhi…

I squatted at each count by the instructor. My thighs hurt from the many months of being away from the the gym.
"...twenty two...twenty three..", his loud voice cut into my thoughts. I stopped to rest my legs.  His voice got louder and he prompted me with his eyes not to stop. If only he knew how my thighs hurt. I'd love to have big butt and tight legs but the cost seemed too much for me.
I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I reached for it. I saw my instructor frown at me and I frowned back at him. Free me jhor. It was my friend, Dike, calling and needed directions to where I was. 
" you know Camp ground", I asked
"Yes!", he replied 
"Ok. From camp ground, drive pass either four or five streets on the left. I'm not really sure of the number of streets but look out for a cream house. You can't miss it".
I ended the call and went back to my rout…

On On!!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a funny story!

I've never been the type to shy away from physical activities. Besides ermmm...this thing...I'm open to anything physical - running, swimming, climbing, chewing gum - anything at all. I never shy away. It's always fun and even better when its done with a group of friends. 

Over the years, my sister succeeded in making me jealous of her just by posting pictures of herself on one hill or another. I wished that someday, I would be able to do so - stand on a hill, open my cream colored 32 and feel fly. It don't matter how one got there. And as God answers prayers, my wish finally came through.

Do you know that Christmas day feeling you had as a child? That type that leaves you awake all night wondering when day would break? That was the same feeling in my heart knowing that my longtime dream was just a few hours away. I got ready hours before time and hurried my sister to do same. My back pack had everything I needed - selfie stick, my ph…


Let's go back in time when watching movie was limited. Haha. When people ask me now why I love watching stuff now, I'd usually smile and tell them I'm making up for lost time. 

My parents had six intelligent children (oh yes!), but intelligence without hard work was just intelligence. So we grew up knowing there was time for everything. Time to read, to play, to cry, to joke, to watch a movie!
We all knew that Saturday mornings; after cleaning the whole house, washing our pile of dirty clothes, washing loads of plates and pots, weeding, picking palm fruits, cutting grass for the goats...whatever chore that came along...and a massive shower, was movie time. Hehe! Everyone had a chore and had to finish before we could file to the parlor for movie time. No one could be left out. My people of God, no team work and team bond beat that. Haha!

...And then Ogbonna, the video machine prefect, with the blessing and permission of my daddy, would head to my parents room to car…

In Memorial

One would think that time would make the pain less or fill the hollow. It's same and I miss you always

Still remember mum's scream As neighbors lifted you And I stood at the corner numb And something kept blinding me I couldn't quite see clearly.

We ran, Chika and I, to Mary Slessor Hall to call Nkechi. We ran all the way bare foot and in the most ridiculous sleep wear. She asked that we go home so she joins mum in the hospital. On our way home, Chika asked me to pray. She handed me a rosary and I wondered why she had two.

I prayed and prayed just like you taught but you left anyway. It was meant to be a really happy day but you left. It was Njideka Maduagwu's matriculation but you left anyway. Mum was meant to cook for a crowd. We were meant to dance all day but that meant nothing cos you left papa. 

I remember the first handful of wet brown sand thrown on your casket. It was so loud and I shook where I stood. Ada stood behind me and kept asking me not to fall apart. …

Ask again? Never!

"I was so angry yesterday, almost to the point of killing somebody."
"Imagine! Yesterday was no good day. God forgive me for calling what you created bad but it was really bad."
Hmmm! God you don hear am na!
"I was broke and salary wasn't showing anytime soon. I had already borrowed from almost everybody I know. Sometimes eh, I borrow from this person to pay that person..."
Ha! Rob-Peter-Pay-Paul syndrome! I'm never giving you any of my money.
" there was nobody else to borrow from. It was so bad that I couldn't fuel my car so the only choice I had was to take bus to and fro office. Even you sef kept complaining about money."
Hahaha! So you heard?

"It was pay day and money refused to drop. I didn't have a dime to eat or even transport myself home. The finance guy kept saying he'll pay soon but he never came through. Babe, it was not funny at all"


"Around 7pm, the stupid salary finally came and I mana…